About us

 Welcome to “Grill Maximus”. Grill Maximus is a full-service restaurant with an interactive dining experience that has helped the brand become a desired destination. It captures tastes preferences throughout all food offerings and presents them in an energetic and enjoyable atmosphere, all for one value-oriented price. We area progressive organization that takes the time to adjust to what is important today, tomorrow and in years to come.


Our goal is to consistently deliver our distinguished taste and top of the line services to our loyal customers. We believe that our customers are the main reason why we are in business and why our focus on satisfying their needs continues to make us successful. Generous flavors of cuisine, exceptional echelons of service and a splendid atmosphere combine in the perfect recipe for first class hospitality.

The Grill Maximus chicken products are known for their quality and generous portions.We are totally committed to the strict distribution system and Grill Maximus only uses the best quality chicken. Austere supervision of raw material through the cold storage distribution system.